New Videos Underscore Importance of Appropriate Use, Storage & Disposal

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The prescription drug abuse epidemic is not a “his problem” or a “her problem”, it’s an “everyone’s problem” and we all have a responsibility to address this critically important issue. Pain Matters is committed to providing resources that support responsible pain management for both people affected by pain and healthcare professionals treating pain. While prescription pain medications play a role in managing pain for some, the reality is they have the potential to be abused and misused. Finding solutions takes time and all stakeholders, including pharmaceutical industry, government organizations, advocacy groups and even everyday citizens, can take part in helping to ensure prescription pain medications stay only in the hands of those who need them.

Most people know that keeping unused or unsecured prescription pain medication or sharing medication with friends is technically wrong, but they don’t necessarily realize how their behavior could be contributing to one of America’s fastest growing drug problems. These videos depict absurd scenarios where sharing pain medication is not only commonplace and intentional, but also acceptable. The videos depict an exaggerated reality that will leave you wondering, why would anyone allow prescription pain medications to get in the wrong hands?

We encourage you not only to watch and share these videos, but use them to help foster more open conversation with your patients and your peers. Learn about all of the latest advancements to support responsible opioid use, storage and disposal.

We each have a role to play, and together, we can make a difference.

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Pain Matters is a multi-faceted initiative, sponsored by Teva Pharmaceuticals, designed to support responsible pain management by providing practical resources and information for healthcare professionals and people and people affected by pain. Throughout this website, you will find tailored content tailored including information on understanding chronic pain, opioid abuse and misuse, and the emerging science of abuse deterrence technology.

Video resources such as the “Don’t Think it Matters?” series, the Pain Matters documentary, clinical presentations and the animated abuse deterrence technology video all aim to support people affected by pain and healthcare professionals navigating this complex pain care landscape. `


September 2015

Richard Payne, MD and Laura Cooley, PhD shed light on the psychological impact of physical environment on discussions between clinicians and people with pain