Welcome to Pain Perspectives

Pain Perspectives will feature various points of view from the pain community. Comprised of pain specialists, general practitioners, nurses, social workers, advocacy organizations, people living with pain, and their loved ones, these individuals understand the complexities of treating pain and the daily burden of living with chronic pain.

By Melanie Rosenblatt, MD

As someone who has dedicated my career to what I consider to be both a human and economic crisis in America, I have witnessed first-hand the impact chronic pain can have on the lives of people living with pain and their families. I was privileged to be a part of the Pain Matters documentary film, produced by the Discovery Channel. The film provides real stories and inspiration through the lives of people and families affected by pain. I am pleased to be among the industry thought leaders who will provide insights related to the evolving pain care landscape and potential implications for people who live with chronic pain and those who care for them.

Pain Perspectives provides a platform for the pain community to contribute opinions about key moments, including federal and state-level regulatory changes, professional medical conferences, developments in the science of abuse deterrence technology to address the challenges of opioid abuse, and advocacy activities. This rotating series of presentations will be available in multiple formats, such as articles, Q&As, and videos. The many voices of Pain Perspectives will come together to raise awareness and deepen understanding of treating this often misunderstood condition.

Welcome to the first edition of Pain Perspectives.

— Melanie Rosenblatt, MD

Melanie Rosenblatt, MD, serves as a paid consultant for Teva Pharmaceuticals.


September 2016

Paul Gileno, Founder of the U.S. Pain Foundation, shares his story of living with pain and his perspective on the pain community’s role in raising awareness of the invisible illness.