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Learn more about opioid abuse and misuse and find information on how new technologies can help you navigate the evolving and complex pain care landscape.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Every patient has his or her own unique experiences with pain; therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is an important part of a patient-centered treatment plan.2

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Understanding Opioid Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest growing drug problem.3 Having an understanding of abuse and misuse is an important step in finding solutions.

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Stakeholder Efforts in Abuse Deterrence

As part of the pain care community, we understand that we all have an active role to play to help advance responsible pain management and abuse deterrence.13

Understanding stakeholder efforts

Government Programs & Policies

Federal and state laws and guidelines as well as evolving abuse deterrence technologies can help healthcare professionals mitigate opioid abuse and misuse within their practice.4,5

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Advancements in Abuse Deterrence

Scientifically driven solutions are needed to help combat this serious public health epidemic.

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Evolving Abuse Deterrence Technology

New technologies adapt to the changing pain care landscape.

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