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Short videos explore responsible opioid use and real stories from people and their families who are affected by chronic pain.

“Don’t Think It Matters?” Video Series

This new video sheds light on how people knowingly or unknowingly contribute to prescription drug diversion, abuse, and misuse.

Pain Matters Documentary Film Clips

Pain Matters

Watch short clips from the documentary to understand first-hand what it is like to live with chronic pain.

Introducing Pain Matters

Introducing Pain Matters

Watch an introductory video about PainMatters.com

Resources offering tips on the safe storage and disposal of opioid medications.

Drug Disposal Guidelines

The US Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration have provided a wealth of guidance and information for healthcare professionals and patients on the disposal of opioid medications.

Appropriate Use and Storage of Opioid Medications

Prescription medications must be appropriately stored. They should be in a locked container that does not allow others to gain access to them.15

Appropriate Disposal of Opioids

The FDA has provided a variety of downloadable resources on the proper disposal of prescription opioid medications.

Resources are also available en Español

Disposal at Home

The FDA has provided a list of medications that can safely be disposed of at home, including some opioids.

Resources to help determine the safety and appropriateness of opioid prescriptions for chronic pain in order to prevent abuse and misuse.

Opioid Calculator

This tool from Practical Pain Managements calculates appropriate opioid doses different patients.

OpioidCalc App

This free app from the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene calculates a patient’s risk of overdose based on their opioid prescription.

Connect with professional pain management organizations and find upcoming medical and pharmaceutical meetings.

Professional Events Calendar

Keep track of professional meetings and events throughout 2017

Professional Pain Care Organizations

There are many organizations dedicated to providing ongoing education, programs, and resources for healthcare professionals and people living with chronic pain.

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